for quality

The continuous innovation by focusing on an ever growing market.

Made in Italy

Products are 100% made in Italy, certified, high quality.



What quality means to us

• 2-ply napkins in pure cellulose.
• Elegant and sturdy cutlery for comfortable use.
• Small cutlery pouches (paper or plastic) in order to reduce waste.
• Certification of suitability for food use and compliance with established laws.
• Suitable cartons adapt volume to the number of pieces in it; every carton is marked with EAN-13 code for unique identification of the product.
• Custom-printed products satisfy cusyomer needs.

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About us

DSince 1983 Monopack s.r.l., in the province of Ascoli Piceno, supplies packaging of single-use products. From the initial activity for the pharmaceutical industry, in collaboration with weel-known multinationals, the company has specialized in catering disposables. Thanks to a gained long-standing experience, in 2009 the company launched the production line of packaged cutlery sets with napkins.





We aim at continuous innovation by focusing on an ever growing market.
We firmly believe that production should be aimed at the highest quality, from materials supply to release on market.
We select top quality materials, graphic design and printing, with a focus on customer needs.
We have installed up-to-date machinery, in order to provide efficient packaging and preserve product integrity with minimal amount of space.



Our key strenghtn

Professional service and a long-time experience are our key strenght. By producing internally most of the products, we provide customized cutlery sets very fast. You may choose between monochrome and four color printing and we deliver the precise quantities you need. Materials are compliant with current laws and specifically selected for their characteristics and food industry suitability. Kraft white paper, kraft brown paper, straw paper are at your disposal for a customized product, printable in classic or modern design.

Italian transparency

Products are 100% made in Italy, from concept to materials. In particular the shape of cutlery in polystyrene has been specially designed to give, with few grams of plastic, comfortable use and performance at the level of silverware. Transparent plastic is synonymous with quality, since indeed minimal imperfections would be clearly visible. But we can make coloured plastic on request.